Small Business, Big Lessons™

Who We Are

Gregory Woloszczuk - President / Co-Founder


Gregory Woloszczuk is an entrepreneur and experienced tech executive that helps small business owners grow their top and bottom line. 

Gregory believes in straight talk and helping others see things they need to see but may not want to with a focus on taking responsibly for one’s own business. 

Gregory has been fortunate to have been part of building teams for companies that went through hyper-growth as well as his own company. He also has experience in working through economic downturns and taking responsibility to fix what is in his control. The focus has always been working with partners, customers, and building a successful business channel. 

His range of experience includes marketing, sales, support, training, and operations. Gregory holds a BSEE from Central New England College and an MBA from Nichols College. 

Maureen Woloszczuk - Vice- President / Co-Founder


Maureen Woloszczuk works with small businesses to grow their top and bottom line. Maureen believes that every person has the ability to succeed. No matter how old we are, we can learn something new every day and contribute something back. Maureen has owned and operated three successful restaurants. 

Maureen as an Area Developer has coached other owners in successfully operating their restaurants through guidance and experience. Maureen has won several awards for food quality and has had articles written about her and her company. 

Maureen is a  volunteer with the Triangle Walk to End Alzheimer’s and a member of the Walk committee.

 Maureen holds an Associates in Accounting from Quinsigamond Community College and a Bachelors in Business Administration from NC State.