Small Business, Big Lessons™


Small Business, Big Lessons™

Small Business, Big Lessons™


Founded in 2006 with a vision of operating a business that would provide our customers a unique positive experience and our clients superior business results.

We have expertise in; technology consulting, channel creation, area development, business management with specializations in operations and marketing

We've been in business for over 10 years 

Gregory Woloszczuk
President / Co-Founder

Maureen Woloszczuk

Vice President / Co-Founder

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GMW Carolina, Inc




2017 - Began writing Small Business, Big Lessons for

2016 - Celebrating 10 years in business across diverse areas, sold 3 restaurants, moved to full focus on business coaching

2013 - Present  - Providing business coaching for technology

companies and small businesses

Jan 2013 - Ended Area Developer Agreement  after opening record 

number of locations and growing state sales by more than 6 fold

Oct 23, 2010 - Opened Dickey's in Downtown Raleigh 

Jan 2010 - Signed Statewide Area Developer Agreement to sell and support all 

North Carolina Franchisees 

April 29, 2008 - Opened Dickey's in Durham  

Sept 10, 2007  - Opened Dickey's in Cary 

July 2006 - Incorporated GMW Carolina 


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