About Our Business

Founded in 2006 with a vision of operating a business that
would provide our customers a unique positive experience and
our clients superior business results.

We have expertise in; technology consulting, channel creation,
area development, business  management with specializations
in operations and marketing.

Gregory Woloszczuk, President / Co-Founder
    Gregory has an extensive background in technology and
    marketing. He has held senior management roles at industry
    leaders NetApp, and EMC. He holds degrees from Central New
    England College in Electrical  Engineering and an MBA from
    Nichols College.

Maureen Woloszczuk, Vice-President / Co-Founder
    Maureen has a background in accounting and financial
    management. She has lead all operations for GMW Carolina, Inc
    through the multi-unit expansion including construction. Maureen
    holds a degree in Accounting from Quinsigamond College.

Major Milestones

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Cary Chamber of Commerce
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